What’s Happening In Wisconsin

As you’re probably aware of by now there have been mass protests in Madison, Wisconsin over the past week or so.  What you may not know is actually what’s behind them and the history of Wisconsin that’s driving them.  As a 4th generation native of Wisconsin and avid follower of politics I feel that I have a good background to explain and chronicle what’s going on here as well as a desire to do so.

To that end a good starting point to get one up to speed is a quick history lesson about Wisconsin and it’s progressive history involving unions. Thankfully Rachel Maddow did just this last Friday, February 18 in a much more fun and concise way that I could ever hope to. 🙂 Yes, I know she’s an admitted “liberal” but as someone who has lived in Wisconsin for over 30 years I can safely assure you that she’s got the history part down correctly. So anyway if you’re looking for a place to start please check out her clip. I’ll be posting more stuff as it plays out in Wisconsin over the coming days.



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