What We Learned Today About Scott Walker

People he accepts phone calls from:

  • People he thinks are David Koch

People he does not take phone calls from:

  • Elected Democratic Lawmakers
  • Union Leaders
  • Wisconsin Citizens

Things that are in the “Budget Repair Bill”

  • Authority for the Governor to sell State owned power plants (electrical, nuclear, etc) to any party without solicitation of bids and to whomever the Governor wants
  • Ending discrimination protection in State contracts for sexual orientation

Things that we learned from his phone call with Fake David Koch

  • Walker considered hiring goons to spark violence during the peaceful protests but ultimately decided not to because it would upset the public which might force him to cave on ending collective bargaining
  • Walker thinks threatening to layoff innocent State workers as a tool to “ratchet” up political pressure is a good thing
  • Walker thinks it’s a good think to try to trick the Wisconsin 14 into coming back to Madison by offering to meet with him only to secretly get a quorum so that his Republican henchmen can then quickly approve the Budget Repair Bill
  • Walker thinks it’s acceptable to threaten people with baseball bats, or as he calls it a “slugger with my name on it”


Koch Whore | The Beast

Wisconsin State Senate Bill 11

Wisconsin State Assembly Bill 11



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