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WTF Wisconsin Republicans?

What is it with these Republicans currently in charge in Wisconsin?  From Walker to the Fitzgerald boys none of them make any sense.  They say their primary goal is to fix the budget and that they need $3.6 billion in concessions from the public sector to do that.  They say that State workers need to pay more for health care and pension costs.  Ok, fine.  The unions agreed to all of these financial demands on Friday, February 18th.  Now Walker and the GOP say that’s not enough and that the only way to solve the budget problem is to give the municipalities the tools that they need by ending collective bargaining ability of employees.  According to the Republicans somehow the collective bargaining ability of employees keeps the local municipalities from being able to solve their budget problems.  Huh?  If local governments know how much they can spend and how much they need to save why on Earth would they agree to a contract with anybody that was more than what they could pay for?  Agreements by definition are between 2 different parties.  Nobody is forcing the local governments to sign deals that they can’t pay for.  Besides as what’s been repeatedly demonstrated by the employees and people protesting these last 2 weeks is that they ARE willing to and HAVE concede(d) all the money the State and the local governments need to balance their budgets.  That sounds like a problem solved to me.  The thing that I haven’t even mentioned yet is that a large group of local government leaders from around the State of Wisconsin have just sent a letter to Walker saying that THEY DON’T WANT collective bargaining rights of employees eliminated (Click here for letter).  In fact they say that in fact the elimination of these rights causes more problems than it solves.  Finally, if ending collective bargaining rights of public employees is the end all solution for solving budget problems why is it that Texas has one of the largest budget problems in the whole country (up to 20% of the state’s GDP) (Click here for article)?  Why do I mention Texas you ask?  Well because it’s been run by a Republican governor for about 10 years now, is highly deregulated, and is one of the most anti-union states in the entire country.  The public employees their can’t even negotiate for salary.  So if busting the unions is the answer to budget problems why hasn’t it not just worked in Texas, but why isn’t Texas the poster child for financial security?